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Tom Tom is Here and So Are We!

April 9th has finally arrived and the Tom Tom Founders Festival is in full swing. From now until April 15th, Charlottesville, Virginia will be celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s birth week with an outpouring of music, art, workshops, and summits. Downtown Cville will be a hub for artists, innovators, and visionaries all week-long and we are so…
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Styled Semantic Headings with CSS Utility Classes

A couple of years ago we decided to try a different approach to applying heading styles in our projects at Storyware. We stopped styling heading elements directly and started defining CSS utility classes for each stylistic need; much like you would see in an Atomic CSS workflow. Many novice developers tend to use heading elements…
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Slack and Asana- So Easy an Intern Can Do It!

Nobody likes the unknown, especially in a professional setting. When I first started my internship with Storyware, I was introduced to numerous digital tools all at once, none of which I had experience with. Initially, I thought I would never figure out how to properly use Slack and Asana — two of Storyware’s most utilized tools.  However,…
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What is https and why do we need it?

With web security growing more important, it makes sense to start taking those extra precautions to protect your site and your users. Now that Google has started to flag insecure sites, it’s time to future proof your business and make the switch to HTTPS.

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Why We Went Content First

Once you start designing websites content first you are left wondering what took you so long, and how you ever got by building websites any other way. There’s no question that this is how we’ve felt at Storyware since we moved content to the center of our design and development process. Our top five reasons we went content first.

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