High Line Network

Showcasing the next generation of public spaces

The High Line Network is a group of infrastructure re-use projects in North America, inspired and spearheaded by The High Line in New York City. The objective of the High Line Network is to bring the leaders of these projects together to learn from each other so that the spaces can reach their full potential.

Storyware worked with the digital team at Friends of the High Line (the non-profit that operates and manages The High Line) to launch the High Line Network brand and vision by building a new website on top of WordPress.

What We Did

  • UX Consulting
  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Training + Support Documentation
  • Hosting + Ongoing Support
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A Project Plan

Creating a simple way to manage the High Line Network's projects

The primary objective of the High Line Network’s website, which launched with 19 projects across the country, is to promote and support the projects that make up the Network.  A key aspect of this support is sharing and managing a robust amount of information about each project within the website CMS.

From the beginning of the project, we knew we would use a custom post type within WordPress to manage this data. A custom post type is similar to the default page or post type within WordPress, but it’s unique to a specific website based on the content requirements.

As the Friends of the High Line team iterated on the design, we determined the data that needed to be captured for each project and where that data would originate from. This enabled us to design and build a custom post type in WordPress that delivers the content on the front-end across a variety of locations on the website.

For the site launch, each project page contains: a short description about the project; links to the project’s website and social media account; a list of project details, such as infrastructure type, status, opening, size, design team, and management; latest tweets, which leveraged Twitter’s API to pull tweets related to a project based on the project’s twitter username; latest news articles about the project posted to the High Line Network website.

There is also a custom Google map of each project with an overlay of the park-area shown. We leveraged the Carto API to automatically pull a project’s GeoJSON data from Carto, which is used to draw the overlay.

A second map, which displays all the projects, was also built so one could get a sense of the breadth of the Network. In addition, the map can be filtered by region, status, and infrastructure type and these filters can be used together to produce a narrower view.



Building a custom post type for projects, along with re-usable custom post attributes, allows all of this data to be managed in one place and then referenced throughout the site when needed. This enables the High Line Network to easily add more projects in the future. As the Network grows, Friends of the Highline can build upon the foundation that Storyware created by expanding the use of this data for features like advanced search and additional project filtering.


What I hope the High Line has done is make the crazy credible. The network helps all of us learn from each other so that our spaces can reach their full potential.

– Robert Hammond, Co-founder & Executive Director, Friends of the High Line

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