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Designing a logo for a tech startup can be challenging – especially for a company with a complex and technical product. ModelBox is a product for engineers and business owners who want a better way to design and build data-driven software. The founder came to us needing a logo that would visually communicate the ModelBox methodology and be meaningful to both the business and technical end-users of the product.

Working closely with ModelBox we helped draw out the company’s core mission. What we found was the product’s greater aim: improving communication between disparate groups, including data scientists, engineers, and product managers. As a result we created a logo that not only reflects the product’s technical function, but also embodies its mission to improve teamwork and communication.

What We Did

  • Branding Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
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Closing the Loop

How we turned a complex data model into a simple mark

Throughout the design process, we focused on communicating a complex process through a simple mark. Initially, we did a visual exploration of “boxes” for the logomark, but quickly found this to be too limiting as it didn’t express the nonlinear and interconnected nature of the product.

After further exploration of the ModelBox method, we identified the following key brand ideas: communication, data flow, unpacking data, shared understanding, bringing the inside out, and closing the loop. Based on these concepts, we developed a mark comprised of segments representing the different but shared product elements, specifically data, users and tools.



In the final design, multiple segments flow seamlessly in and out of each other maintaining the form of a loop, symbolizing the shared understanding ModelBox brings to the business and technical users during the software design and build process. The mark is both business friendly and tech savvy (clean and easy to render procedurally).

We also defined a set of brand guidelines to help maintain brand cohesiveness for presentation of the ModelBox product across different platforms. Like the logo, the brand is clean and utilizes plenty of white space. The color palette was selected to render consistently across digital platforms & in print applications and to appeal to business and tech users alike. Colors appear almost monochromatic and sequential which helps to visualize the data flow in the loop mark.

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