Creating a Clearer Path
for Virginia Tech

Six months following our UX audit, traffic to the donor support landing page has almost tripled.

As the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech embarked on a new capital campaign, Storyware was asked to help increase the visibility of donor support on their website.

This was accomplished through our UX audit, which resulted in creating a clearer path and user experience on the Pamplin website.

What We Did

  • User research + analysis
  • UX strategy + design
  • Front-End development
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
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Know Your Users

While we have years of experience creating solid user experiences, it means nothing if we don’t understand our customer’s objectives and the behaviors of their users.

Pamplin’s objective for this project was clear: to increase visibility and traffic to the Support Pamplin landing page. With a variety of different user types and objectives, studying their behavior was crucial to recommending the right solutions.

Our user research consisted of:

  • User surveys
  • Heat maps
  • Visitor recordings
  • Google analytics

From there, we reviewed the UI of the home page along with several competitor/peer/aspirational websites and analyzed the performance of Pamplin website.

This analysis gave us the information we needed to provide a solid list of improvements and recommendations to achieve the project objective.

Heat map of
Heat map of


Based on the findings from our research, we recommended and designed the placement of a new CTA (“Call To Action”) on the website that adhered to Virginia Tech’s brand standards. Once approved, we implemented the CTA and added event tracking using Google Tag Manager, so that Pamplin could measure the result.

Six months after implementation, not only has the number of page views for the Support Pamplin landing page almost tripled, but unique page views have doubled, and the bounce rate and exit rate have each decreased by 30%.

Of course, this is just one small step in a large campaign designed to raise funds for a new capital project at Virginia Tech. But, it is proof that investing in UX can result in big rewards.

I had the opportunity to work with the Storyware team through an analysis of our website and visitors flow. They were instrumental in providing key findings that allowed us to update our site for a better user experience, as well as positioning a key element on the website to drive donations. Their team is top notch and went above and beyond in every aspect.