Implementing Modern UX Principles

The Challenge

Scitent helps organizations start and build their eLearning business through market-leading distribution technology and services. One of those services is web design.

Motivated to ensure the UX part of their design process was best-in-class, Scitent approached Storyware to help them streamline their UX design process using modern principles.

The Journey

Every organization has a unique UX workflow based on the talents and skills of their team.

Before making any kind of recommendations, we needed to understand the makeup of Scitent’s team and their current UX process.

We started by conducting interviews and UX audits. Then we walked their team through the modern UX workflow.

The Destination

Over the course of three months, we advised Scitent on modern UX principles, best practices and tools.

We drilled down into critical topics such as user research and testing, content first design, segmented design, and maximizing UX during web development and quality assurance testing.

We also demonstrated the value of using tools specifically designed for the web, including Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq, and SlickPlan.

The Results

Since our engagement, Scitent has reported greater efficiency in their UX workflow. Through the use of new tools and deliverables they’ve alleviated pain points in their design process, allowing them to make more informed, and more effective, design decisions.

Good Words

Storyware had a real knack for knowing how to come into our organization and help us adopt the latest UX design principles in a way that fit our culture and team structure. They leveraged our design, content and technology strengths and enabled us to take our UX/UI design to the next level very quickly.

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