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Getting Social to Help Prevent Texting and Driving


When The Ad Council asked us to redesign their texting and driving prevention campaign website, we were honored to be a part of such an important initiative. When they informed us that they wanted to use Tumblr to power it, we knew it was a perfect fit.

What We Did

  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Tumblr Theme Development
  • Tumblr Training
  • Support Documentation
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The Perfect Audience

50% of Tumblr’s audience is between the ages of 13-34

Tumblr users are over three times more likely to take offsite action following brand engagement than the average internet user. With drivers aged 15-19 the most likely to report being distracted following an accident, The Ad Council knew that building the next version of the Stop Texts Stop Wrecks website on a social platform like Tumblr would give them an opportunity to communicate directly to their target audience.

With the age of the Ad Council’s intended users firmly in mind, Storyware designed and built the new to deliver visually engaging content, including videos, gifs, and Spotify playlists. Laying out the content in a grid, we used bright colors to visually distinguish each type of post – making it easy for the user to scan and recognize different categories of information.

We also included several additional features that allow The Ad Council to easily call attention to important information, including a visually distinct sidebar that highlights the most recently posted facts about texting and driving.

Stop Wrecks Stop Texts

The site also seamlessly integrates with other social networks, allowing users to easily share content – including individual posts – to facebook and twitter. The most recent tweets from @StopTheTexts are also displayed on every page of the site. To further increase the site’s reach and impact, we created a Spanish language page, which presents all driving facts and post content in Spanish.

To help The Ad Council track the success of their site and specific campaigns we integrated Google analytics and Google Tag Manager. These tools allow The Ad Council to easily compare click through rates on videos, navigation links, or links out to other social networks. The Ad Council can also track which videos are played the most and which percentage of videos were not watched all the way through. This type of data is essential in helping to determine which content is connecting with the target audience.

Campaign websites, such as, (@stopthetexts) are a perfect fit for Tumblr – especially when their target audience intersects with the Tumblr demographic. By building their site on one of the most highly trafficked social networks, The Ad Council is able to directly engage with an inbuilt audience, while also streamlining their content creation process. We’re thankful The Ad Council recognized the value of this opportunity and chose us to help them realize their vision.

Storyware is a dream to work with. Ad Council won the jackpot in finding them, and being able to build some beautiful and engaging Tumblrs for our teen-targeted campaigns. Highly recommend Storyware to anyone who wants to build a site that truly takes advantage of the CMS you’re building on, as well as making sure the UX is as great as it can be.

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