The Ad Council

Teen-focused content to help prevent underage drinking and driving

Despite the fact that all 50 states have a National Minimum Drinking Age law, young drivers under legal drinking age continue to drink and drive. To help the Ad Council, and their partners at the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, reach this group of at-risk drivers, we created teen-focused content for their campaign website that aims to both educate and engage young audiences.

What We Did

  • Copy Writing
  • Content Development
  • Web Development
What Can We Do For You?

From Video to Visuals

As part of a refresh of their underage drinking and driving campaign, the Ad Council worked with Vayner Media to create a short video exploring the consequences of drinking and driving underage. Using the themes of the video as inspiration we created a set of emoji and gif driven visuals, alongside irreverent copy, that felt authentic to the teenage experience. We also crafted taglines, an in-depth description of the campaign, and tips to help teens navigate tricky social situations.

Built to Share

In addition to creating the site content, we also built a custom Tumblr theme to showcase it. With drivers between ages 15 and 20 involved in 10 percent of all fatal crashes, The Ad Council knew that building the Underage Drinking and Driving campaign website on a social platform like Tumblr would give them an opportunity to communicate directly to their target audience.



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