Tom Tom Founders Festival

A Week-Long Creative Collision Of Art, Music, Food, And Innovation In Charlottesville, Virginia


The Tom Tom Founders Festival celebrates entrepreneurship and creativity in the fields of art, music, food, and technology. The 2015 edition hosted 50 events, beginning on Founder’s Day, which is a celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday at the University of Virginia.

In addition to needing a complete makeover, the Tom Tom website required focus. With so many events across a variety of disciplines, we worked with Tom Tom to create an information architecture that was much easier to navigate and find content.

What We Did

  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Hosting + Support
What Can We Do For You?

Most importantly, we had to create a user experience that accommodated different usage habits depending on the time of year. For 51 weeks out of the year, the Tom Tom website receives more traffic on desktop and laptop computers than mobile devices. But during the week of the festival, when the site gets the most traffic, mobile devices are used more than any other device to browse the website.

Therefore, we created a responsive design that presents Tom Tom’s photography in stunning fashion on desktops, but in a non-obtrusive way on mobile devices. The schedule contains filters so users can easily browse on large and small screens. Event pages were modified for mobile so critical information is quick to access. And all of it is being managed in one place: WordPress.


Tom Tom 2015 was the best ever. Total attendance exceeded 25,000. The marquee event, the Founders Summit, sold out and the website experienced almost twice as many page views as the year before during the week of the event.

Working with Storyware brought a new level of professionalism and experience to our festival. Our web traffic more than doubled this year, and we had a top-notch website able to accommodate it. The discovery period was quick and painless, and foresaw many of the issues we might run into during the festival so that they could be solved in advance. The Storyware team really understands the user experience and the necessity of a streamlined information architecture—which makes a better website and also can save a lot of money. The customer service is top notch, with responses that are almost instantaneous, and issues are rapidly resolved. The team is a pleasure to work with and deliver a superior product.

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