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First established in 1948, the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund – also referred to as the Hokie Club – is the organization responsible for all fundraising efforts in support of athletic scholarships, capital improvements, and programmatic needs for the 22 varsity sports at Virginia Tech. Fundraising for 22 varsity sports at a Division 1 college is no small feat – and neither is creating a website that can both elevate and streamline those efforts. Luckily, we had some experience.

The Hokie Club has been one of our clients since 2006, and we first redesigned their site in 2007. A lot has changed online since then, so there was a lot to improve upon. The old site was not mobile-friendly, the content was managed within the code, and there was no integration with social networks. For the new site, The Hokie Club wanted to increase their online fundraising efforts by creating a clear and simple donation process.

As avid Virginia Tech sports fans we wanted to make sure they succeeded. The result is a fully responsive site that seamlessly guides users to donation points and highlights the organization’s impact with stunning visuals of Virginia Tech athletics. Go Hokies!

What We Did

  • User Interviews
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • QA Testing
  • Training
  • Support Documentatio
  • Hosting
What Can We Do For You?

A Diverse Audience

User Experience for Fans from All Walks of Life

While the Hokie Club’s audience have one thing in common – a love of Virginia Tech athletics – they come from all walks of life and range in age from 18 to 98. By interviewing a diverse group of stakeholders, including staff, students, alumni and chapter representatives, we developed a friendly user experience that works for everyone.

We also put together a detailed information architecture, focused on the website’s most important objective: providing a simple way to donate. The result is a clear presentation of the donation choices, with multiple access points throughout the website.

Virginia Tech

We also created an enhanced events page, with interactive listings and settings that allow members to filter events by local chapter or event type.

Finding out about local chapters is easier now too. With an improved presentation, users can easily access information about the over 50 local chapters of the Hokie Club, including specific events, club details, and contact info.

Virginia Tech

Agile, Mobile

Making the Hokie Club fit for function in the mobile era

With the launch of the Student Hokie Club, Virginia Tech students are the newest segment of the Hokie Club’s diverse audience.  To accommodate them, we built a  separate section of the website dedicated to students – making it easy for the Hokie Club to reach its youngest users with separate social channels and targeted messaging.

With the influx of young users it was essential for the site to be mobile friendly. The new site is fully responsive – allowing users to sign up, donate, or browse – whether they’re at their desk, on the bus, or at the big game.

Storyware was great to work with. Building a new website from the ground up could have been a major challenge for us, but they made it easy to do with outstanding results in a short amount of time. Great customer service and first class work make Storyware an easy recommendation for anyone looking to build a great website from scratch.

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